2017 – A year of business growth, writing books and eating insects…

2017 saw the growth of my marketing communications agency HarveyDavid, winning new clients and welcoming new staff. 

I began work on my next book entitled Eloqua: The Truth About Marketing Automation. My agency helps companies get the most from marketing automation tools like Eloqua and I thought it time someone wrote a book that dispelled a few myths and brought to life how other companies are using marketing automation and the mistakes they made on the way to success. 

Every year I like to try new things. 2017 was the year of survival courses and stand-up comedy gigs. I have written comedy (and won some awards for it too including a Gold Sony Award) but I had never performed it to a live audience for obvious reasons, like dying painfully one punch line at a time. But that didn’t stop me from taking to the stage in a room full of paying customers. I scripted the first gag at just under twenty seconds into my routine. I can say with certainty it was the longest twenty seconds of my life. Fortunately, the shows went down well, and I learned something: believe it or not, making a room full of people laugh is tougher on the nerves than a three-day survival course in the middle of nowhere chewing on insects, sleeping in the rain and eating pigeons prepared with your bare hands over a hastily made fire.