Training programme – Nigeria

I delivered a training programme to enable key personnel working in Adolescent Reproductive Health to capture and share success stories.  Northern Nigeria has the highest maternal and child mortality in Africa (in terms of absolute numbers).

The Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Programme (MNCH2) had commenced its final full year of implementation. As both the MNCH2 and the British Government’s investment in maternal and child health in its current form is coming to an end, it is important to capture the lessons and success stories from the past decade to guide future programmes and help advocate continuing political and financial commitment to maternal and child health.

My role as a consultant was to build the capacity of the project team to document and share lessons learned and success stories emerging out of implementation activities in engaging and effective ways. This activity was then be used to support the documentation of key achievements in a way that demonstrates the reach and success of the MNCH2 interventions, as well as the impact on beneficiaries.

The training was targeted at all programme Technical Advisors, State Team Leads as well one coordinator per state; and HQ staff (Communications Coordinator, Programme Officer, Research Assistant) from the six states that the MNCH2 works in (MNCH2 works in six states in northern Nigeria, predominantly Hausa-speaking Muslim population).

The training was delivered as a three-day workshop in Kano and included the following activities:

  • Understanding the value of success stories
  • Understanding the psychology (decision-making theory/behavioural economics) of using story for influential communication
  • Understanding types of story that can be told and places they can be used
  • Identifying and documenting lessons and success stories
  • Learning a practical 5-Step strategy for finding and articulating stories
  • Visual aspects of storytelling (including photography and videography)
  • Step-by-step guidance on the process of documenting to sharing stories
  • Mentoring of the project team during training to ensure they are comfortable utilising these skills and processes ‘outside of the workshop’.

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