David Sloly Author of Why You Need A Business Story And How To Tell It

Author of Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It

Stories have the power to engage a listener beyond the rational and create an emotional connection that ensures the information is easier to recall and more persuasive. Yet when it comes to the workplace we tend to slide into the cold language of acronyms and industry jargon. We open PowerPoint and bulldoze our way through a presentation that the audience finds hard to argue against, yet easy to forget. Pure reasoning may make the most logical case but it seldom moves people to take action.

So why are we not telling more stories in business? Is it because we assume that because storytelling is used to teach infants right from wrong, create fantasy in the minds of bookworms and to entertain us at the cinema that it has no pace in business?

Or is it because the simple act of creating stories has been overshadowed by business complexity? Glance through the available books about business storytelling and you will see that they either jump in feet first with anecdotal business stories and very little structure for creating your own business stories, or they come from the world of Hollywood scriptwriting and are not for the businessperson who would be happy forgoing the Oscar in return to just to better connect with an audience. This book is the antidote to complexity. In just 5 steps I will show you:

• How to quickly collect the essential facts that make up the story
• How to bring to the forefront of your story the very stuff that piques the interest of people
• How to organise the essential facts using a simple yet highly effective plot framework
• How to add drama
• How to create a killer headline

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