David Sloly Author of Mash-up

Author of Mash-Up

Review by Andy Taylor on 12 November 2012 via Amazon

“I cannot speak highly enough of this book. If you are considering creating a secondary income, alongside a full or part time job, then this is the book for you. Likewise, if you want the quickest way to start your own business from scratch, you NEED “Mash Up”

By the way, I liked it so much, I have just ordered “Zoom” by the same Authors… come on Mr Postman!!”

The days of being defined by a single job title are vanishing. In the new economy our core competences are increasing; we’ve gone plural, perfecting multiple skills that reflect the multiple talents we have to offer. Today we are witnessing the rise of the workplace ‘mash-up’ and the smart guys are creating new revenue streams with each new skill they add. At the same time they’re making themselves highly desirable, better paid and carving out more fulfilling and authentic work lives. Mash-up! shows you how you can join in the game.

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